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Why aren't you famous?
Phillip Adams
In my opinion you will be one of the greatest artists
this country has produced.
Bob King Crawford
The total impression is of a first-rate artist at work.
Kerry Leves, reviewing in Overland
Your voice is hypnotic.
Gel Hondroukakis
Such a beautiful, resonant, sad, husky, interesting,
soothing, well-disciplined voice.
Jordie Albiston
I keep your book on my coffee table.
Carolyn MacKinnon
This book is a beautiful piece of work.
Kate Wild, reviewing in Cordite
The richness of your vocals stays with me like water trickling over rocks.
Adrian Crawford
I love your voice. It’s earthy and part of jazz at the same time.
Laura Berger
Lately, if I’ve found that I am stuck,
I ask myself, ‘how would Cathoel write this?’
& thus a bit of her wisdom, intuitiveness
and graceful economy of words
finds its way into my writing.
Heather Taylor Johnson
Cathoel Jorss is poetry.
Sandy McCutcheon
Many thanks for your wisdom. You have the eye and the instinct.
Robin Archbold
Poetry taut with intelligence,
modest only in not falsely inflating its subjects,
with supple lines freighted with clear, sensuous imagery
combined with a raw tenderness that is nicely judged.
Doug Leonard, reviewing in West End Neighbourhood News
Cathoel combines a fierce eagle eye for detail
with an amazing capacity to see your work in its entirety,
and to suggest novel ways in which your 'big picture'
might be gently pushed forward.
Melissa Lucashenko
Powerfully engaged and sensitive observations.
Stephen Lawrence
Poetry aside, the quality of paper,
printing, and the reproduction of Jorss’ artwork
stamp her as a curator of great merit.

But these are only the casings for
a collection of very fine poems. Tender,
and acutely aware of the perception of the lover [...]

[...] no one could consider the arrival of such
a beautifully executed collection as anything but a gift.
Kate Wild, reviewing in Cordite

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