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invented words
invented words
Anticrust  crust is what's left when the rest of the bread is gone; Anticrust is the opposite end that we clap back on to keep the shortening loaf fresh

apocalypso  dance! when it feels like the world’s coming to an end


bunny rabbi  leader of the chosen bunnies

carbon bigfoot  not so much giant as greedy

city slackers  that would be us… too cut off from the rest of the natural world to notice the damage we’re doing

critical mass  from the back row of the cathedral: "Jeez, this was way better in Latin..."

cuddle sutra  compiled very slowly, one posture at a time, with the aid of a good friend, toddler, or cat

defactoid  having an improper relationship with reality. See, they’re living in sin; they're not actually, properly married.

eachother  most dictionaries, apparently, are determined that this ought to be two separate words: each other. But if even 'eachother' is separated, then…
what hope is there?

endangered faeces

errorist  focused on the error of his own ways. Not to be confused with terrorist: focused on the shortcomings of others

exorscissors  when that haircut has just got to go

fear  form of paralysis for which there are only two known antidotes: love ('mindful action') and cool (see virtual cool)

folk pas  when enough people say something wrong, it turns right

happrehensive  feeling nervous about something that is probably about to turn out beautifully

i beg to differ

juggernaughty  out-of-control child in a supermarket

logonorrhea  leaving your accounts open all the time

mobile phoneys  we can tell you're not really in a meeting

mutiny on the balcony  understandable response to really bad opera

pastafarian  needs to start eating more veges

past tense  I used to be uptight... now I'm totally zen

pessimism  form of self-indulgent escapism currently fashionable (see also virtual cool). Takes comfort in itself, rather than in the scintillating, alluring, perpetually renewing world knocking at its dour windows

stage fright

shero  if our only female role model is the heroine ~ a miniature verson, a sub-category ~ could be we’re in trouble


Shuddha  the Buddha’s rather less realized sister; advocates abandonment of What Is in favour of constant persecution by What Might Have Been

tequila mockingbird  sits on your shoulder in seedy bars, crowing,
"I know how you're going to feel in the morning..."

tyfy  thank you for you

unanimouse  the one person in a consensus meeting who doesn’t like to say,
I disagree

virtual cool

virtual cool  anything which is not real cool. Thus t-shirts; sunglasses; indie bands. Not glaciers, mountain streams, the next Ice Age

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